NSW Project Feature - LUMINA - Window of Opportunity, 2017

"Lumina is an exceptional mixed-use development of 61 luxurious apartments with stylish retail areas,

sophisticated finishes, moderns appliances and beautiful light-filled interior in a prime inner west location."

Lumina Apartments, Ashfield


A Guide to Projects, The Australian Council of New Urbanism, 2006

"The Breakfast Point vision is a community in a landscaped setting, a feeling of light and warmth regardless of weather, or season, an architectural character providing both consistency and variety with emphasis on detail modulating and softening building bulk and scale."

Renwick Village, Mittagong
Breakfast Point Master Plan
Cape Cabarita


"The Perfect View," Danielle Hanrahan, Vol. 7/05

The interior incorporates a restrained aesthetic with a focus on the property’s surrounding natural beauty. High-performance glass, however, was fundamental to the entire design. When space is at such a premium, you want the thinnest wall... There are three great qualities of glass: its thinness, its flexibility and its ability to add depth or reflect.”

Bower Street, Manly

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"Descending Platforms" EMP, Issue 40 2004

"Nestled among stone outcrops on a sloping site in Castlecrag, this pavilion-style dwelling by Giles Tribe Architects offers many intimate connections to the rugged natural landscape." 

Sentinel, Castlecrag


"Cities of the future will be lean and green," Jo Studdert, 21.04.2012

"'The individual house will be re-thought...' says Mark Broadley, 'Interiors will be radically different too. They will be eminently flexible. Walls will be more minimal, operable, flexible and multi-functioning. Spaces will be able to transform to accommodate differing daily functions: working, living, sleeping. Components and modules will also be easily changed.'"


"Pushing the boundaries", Colleen Hawkes, Vol. 26/01 

"We wanted the door to open to something dramatic and glamorous, hence the mirrored wall and marble countertop. Throughout the apartment, mirrored walls help blur the edges of the space, by making the corners appear to dissolve. They also reflect the expansive city views and enhance the natural light and sense of space."


"Getting it white," Carrie Hutchinson, 08.2003

"A north-facing clerestory window allows sunlight to flood in throughout the year; and bi-fold doors open on to a balcony that takes in views of Botany Bay and the city... One of the most obvious architectural elements is the limited palette of materials that gives the house consistency."


"Line," Heather Wiseman, October/November 2000

"Thin rectangular shapes are repeated throughout: a striking long window in the kitchen, a water feature in the lightwell, a narrow vertical opening in a wall articulating the end of the kitchen. Discrete lines also recur: shadow-lines around ceilings render them weightless and floating, while skirting boards are implied by recessed shadow-lines low along the walls."


"Perfect partnership," Jennifer Veerhuis, 03.07.2011

"The creation of a floating aesthetic for key elements of the interior, including the ceilings, stairs and joinery, has resulted in a distinctive interior environment and is complemented by concealed lighting and the use of a harmonious palette of materials, such as travertine on the floors through the townhouses."

Bower Street, Manly